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• Alessio Nebiolo
• Jean-Christophe Ducret
• Martin Jenni

Alessio Nebiolo

Alessio Nebiolo was born in Alessandria (Italy) Decembre 12th 1976. He starts his musical studies with Gianpiero Biello in Asti. Then, he kept on studying with Guido Margaria at the Alessandria conservatory “Antonio Vivaldi” and obtained a diploma with “distinctions”. He perfected his formation with other professors as Stefano Grondona, Guido Margaria, Betho Davezac, and Dusan Bogdanovic. In 2003, he obtained his “Diplôme de Virtuosité” (Concert Diploma) with “congratulations of the Jury” at the Lausanne Conservatory in the professional classes of the Brazilian guitarist Dagoberto Linhares. Then, he is invited to end his studies with a “Diplôme de Soliste” (Soloist Diploma with orchestra), which he obtained with “Congragulations of the Jury”; he also gained the First Price Max Jost dedicated to the best Soloist diploma of the year among all instruments.

Alessio Nebiolo is already a laureate of several competitions as “Concours Città di Varenna” (1st price), the “International young concertists competition” (1st price) and the “Verdi competition” (1st price) in Roma, the “International Competition S. Salmaso” in Viareggio (2nd price, 1st not assigned), the International Siracusa Festival Competition (3rd price, 1st not assigned), the G. Rospigliosi Competition” in Pistoia (3rd price). In 1999, his diploma is considered as one of the three best diploma among all the Italian conservatories and all the instruments. This distinction offers him the possibility to be invited to perform in a great number of recitals.

Since his debuts in 1995, in the “Palazzo Ottolenghi” (Asti), Alessio Nebiolo has embarked upon an international carrier. He performed in most of all the Italian regions, invited by numbers of festivals, as the “Festival Internazionale di Siracusa”, the “Rossini Opera Festival” (Pesaro), the “Festival Galuppi” (Venice), the “Europa Musica” (Firenze), and the “Verbania Musica Festival”.

He gave recitals in France, in Versailles and Chevreuse for the “Fondation de Coubertin”, in Annecy on the occasion of the “Cinema International Festival”, in Arles for the famous “Trophée International de la Musique” (International Music Trophy), in Cannes and in Normandy for the “Festival de l’Orne”. He also performed as soloist and in chamber formation in the Villa Real “Fundaçao Casa de Mateus” in Portugal and in several other towns of the country, as Figueira da foz, Porto, Illes Açores. He was also invited to the “III Encontros Internacionais de Musica de Maiorca”, and the “XV Festival Internacional de Musica dos Açores”.

Alessio Nebiolo also gives musical performances in Switzerland in famous festivals, as the “Festival de Lucerne”, the “Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad”, “Musik an de ETH” in Zürich, the “Saison de concerts du Grand Lancy” in Genève, and the “Sommets du Classique de Montana”. He also collaborated with the Geneva Grand Théâtre and the “Orchestre de la Suisse Romande”. Every year he performs in a great numbers of recitals in different regions of Switzerland. In Germany, he gave concerts in Munich and Augsburg. He was invited to play in the national Andorra auditory as well as for the national television channel, and in Stockholm (Sweden) by the Italian Institute for the Culture. He participated to a tour in Romania with the “Philharmonie Marea Neagra” orchestra, with whom he performed the “Concierto de Aranjuez”. He also interprets this same concerto in Lausanne at the “Salle Paderevsky” with the orchestra Sinfonietta, and in Roma with the “Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra”.
In 2007, he travelled in Asia for a long tour and performed in India and Indonesia ; 11 concerts and master classes in some of the most prestigious hall as the Erasmus Huisde Jakarta, the CCF Auditorium in Bandung, the Dehli Habitat Center, the Calcutta School of Music, the Kala Academy Hall, Goa …

He recorded for the following TV channel : the French television TF1, the Television Suisse Romande TSR1 (Swiss French Television), Léman Bleu, Rai3 and Rete 4 in Italy, as well as for the National Swiss Radio channels Espace2 and DRS2.
At present, Alessio Nebiolo is a guitar teacher at the Geneva Music Conservatory in Switzerland.


Jean-Christophe Ducret

Because he was interested in improvised music and jazz, Jean-Christpohe Ducret first studied electric guitar in the jazz classes of the Montreux Conservatory until 1990.

Later on, he opted for classical music, and studied at the Lausanne Conservatory in the class of Béat Aeschlimann. Then, he joined the professional classes of this same conservatory and studied with the Brazilian guitarist Dagoberto Linhares. At present, he devotes himself to the discovery of guitar chamber music repertoire.

In July 1992, he met the Bulgarian violinist Denitsa Kazakova, with whom he founded the ensemble “Duo Nova” and played in lots of festivals as: “Europa Concert” in Barcelona (Spain); the “Semaines musicales” in Sofia (Bulgaria), at the “Palacio de Mateus” (Portugal), at the “Palais National de la Culture”, (Bulgaria), at the “Hubbard Hall” in Cambridge (USA) during the “Festival International Lagonegro” (Italy), the “Schubertiades Espace 2” (Switzerland), “Art et Musique au Château Mercier” in Sierre (Switzerland), “Schlosskonzert” in Spiez (Switzerland), “Orpheus”, at the “Literaturhaus” in Vienna (Austria), and in the “Festival Ernen Musikdorf” (Swizerland). He also participated to several television and radio shows.

In summer 2007, he joined Alessio Nebiolo and Martin Jenni in the “Lausanne Guitar Trio”

Jean-Christophe Ducret is the laureate of some international competitions in Europe ; he won four prices in four participations.
Hubert Käppel, Jury Colrmann, Agnello Desiderio and Dusan Bogdanovic are some of the musicians he met in master classes throughout Europe.
In parallel to his activity of concert performer, he works as guitar teacher at the Nord Vaudois Concervatory.


Martin Jenni

Martin Jenni was born in 1979 in Lausanne. He began studying the guitar at the age of ten and obtained a Certificate in the class of Raymond Migy at the Lausanne Conservatory in 2001. In the same year, he joined the professional class directed by the Brazilian guitarist Dagoberto Linhares, and obtained a “Diplôme d’Enseignement HEM” (Teaching Diploma, High Music School), and a Concert Diploma HEM.

He participated to several professors’ master classes as, Dusan Bogdanovic, Georg Vassiliev, Luigi Attademo and Fabio Zanon.
In addition to his soloist career, he played in diverse ensemble formations as the eight guitars orchestra created by Dagoberto Linhares, the “Lausanne Guitar Trio” with Alessio Nebiolo and Jean Christophe Ducret, and in a duet with the flutist Julien Rallu.

As a member of these diverse formations, he was invited to participate to several international festivals, as in France for the “Septembre Musical de l’Orne” in Normandy; in Portugal for the “III Encontros Internacionais de musica de Maiorca” and the “Encontros da Casa de Mateus” in Vila Real, and the “XV Festival Internacional de Musica dos Açores”; in Italy for the “Verbania Musica Festival”, the “Concerti a S. Fruttoso”, in Genova, the “Stagione della Provincia” in Novara…

He also recorded for television and radio channels (Espace2, RST, T.V.R.L, T.S.R, Léman Bleu, the national television in Andorra and the Rai in Italy).

As a guitar teacher, Martin Jenni has an intense didactic activity in the lémanique area in Switzerland, since he works at the Montreux Music Conservatory and at the Ecole Sociale de Musique de Lausanne.